Our First Christmas Market

Starting this company was just an idea for my partner as he was off sick because of a collapsed disc in has back. Sitting at home was driving him mad so we had a talk on what would be best to past the time and make some money. We decided to make candles and wax melts.

My partner read up on it all and shopped around and placed our 1st order. From coming home from work i walked in to my house to be greeted with the some amazing scents and i couldn't believe how strong the candles and melts was and these was what he had finished and not lit.

We try every single melt and candle we make so my love for this hobby grew day by day that we started doing wax together which brought us closer and and gave us more ideas for our little business. I started taking them to work and gave away free testers which in turn gave us orders and friends were very happy with their purchases so we made our business online, taking bits of orders gave us the courage to hold a wax party.

I had wax burning and simmering granules simmering, our electric candle burner melting and the house had some amazing scents all mixing together, Comfort, Thai lime and Mango and Sauvage scents and alien. So today was a learning but productive day. We held out 1st event at #malinbridgeinn. We learned that we need to make sure we have a fantastic set up to draw customers in to us. (Learning curve) our set up was basic. But all in all it was successful. Our next event we will be ready.

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