Not enough hours in a day

Wow where has the weekend gone?

Today we have been taking photo's of our new #tealightburners and some new #waxmelts we have made and bag them up, bagged the #simmeringgranules and a quick stock check to see what our best sellers are.

We have listed some of our products on ebay so lools like we need more #fragranceoil to make some more #gorgeous smelling wax for our gorgeous customers.

What do you think of these beauties?

We have a #hummingbird #waxburners a #romantic heart burner, a #moonandstars burner and #florist #flower burner.

All you do is lift the burner off the stand. Place a tealight and light it, pop the burner back onto the stand and replace the glass dish. Pop the melt or granules on the dish and let it melt.

These beautiful burners will be be added onthe site tomorrow. They come with 6 tea lights and 2 packs of any scented melts that we have in stock

If popular there will be more bought in.

If there is anything you need or would like to ask then please do not hesitate.

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