Nice smelling toilet ?

Hi all, just a little update on our toilet shot bombs, they are a hit with the public.

In the last few days i have made 300 of the little toilet shot bombs.

If you have no tried then for £2 for 10 is not going to break you. I have seen some makers sell them for 6 for £4.50 and they are not scented. So realistically you are getting 4 extra for £2.50 less and they smell flaming beaut.

Also we have the Vivian Westwood car fresheners in stock again. These have gone up to £8 because the supplier is charging more and they are extremely hard to get hold of.

We have new child humidifiers in stock, Pink rabbit and white rabbit with blue ears

these light up and spray a mist into the air keeping your home safe from being too dry for your children's skin, these are a must try if your child has allergies, asthma etc. It also has a soothing buzzing sound that is suppose to calm children and assist with their sleeping.

We are still hovering over 383 likes but we would love more, please send in your feedback and please share our page to your friends.

This little page started out as a hobby for Adam but quickly took off and slowly we added more items to our stock and what is real heart warming is knowing your consistent ordering is that you are extremely happy with our products.

Thankyou to all of you and keep ordering

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