How long

That's all simmering granules weighed and packed with licensed labels on. If ryan was a child i would have been done for child labour. 6 hours of weighing and packing and dressing the granules and it only takes 5 mins to make. But hey ho.

So now we have a nice amount of stock and scent list expanding from high designer fragrances to laundry scents to spa treatments

£1.50 for 100g of simmering granules, these granules are just as fantastic as wax. Hmmm should i say that!!!

A tablespoon of granules last at least 8 to 12 hours depending how close the tea light is to the burner, if close it will burn quicker, electric burners last a long time

High fragranced simmer granules

Marc jacobs Decadence Marc jacobs daisy Paco roban invictus La vie belle Issy mayaki Sauvage Alien 5thavenue

Spa scents Coconut waterfall Cedar wood and jasmine Time to unwind Lavender Jasmine Orange blossom Honey Laundy scents Unstoppables bliss Unstoppable dreams Unstoppables lavish Linen fresh Spring awakening Blue lenor Fresh linen Mango and papaya Ice queen (pear drops) Thai lime and mango

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