Chanel no5

We have some really pretty car jewellery in stock. i only have 9 of these as just testing the water with them, These are Chanel no5, gold detail with inset rhinestones, Chanel np5 is 1 of the most popular likes perfumes, these would make a lovely little gift for that special person who likes Chanel no5 Only £8 each with 2 scented disks that we can dip in any perfume scent we have in stock

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We have the car diffusers back in stock and these sell our so quick, requires immediate payment, you will have 3 scented disks rather then 2. Last delivery sold out in 3 days


We have now applied coupons for special offers on some of our products. Right now we have toilet fizz 2 for £5.00 Fresh n Vac 2 for £5.00 Room spray 2 for £10.00 To receive these offers go to the mai